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A meeting place and discussion opportunitiy for UK babyfurs, diaperfurs, their carers and friends.
A community for babyfurs, diaper furs, carers and friends of those interested in this whole scene in the UK, please join and introduce yourself.

Play nice and have fun. This is a place for you to enjoy yourselves, please make sure that others can enjoy it too.

If you're arranging a meet up or event feel free to put a post up here to tell every one about it. If you're just looking to discuss the subject at all, post it up and see what response you get. If you just wanted to say hi, or have a chat, put up a post and I'm sure plenty will join in.

All in all, please keep your arms and legs inside the teacups, they spin aweful fast so hold on tight and most of all have fun!

we have a yahoo group

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